Fair Hospitality Charter

Unite Hospitality Charter


I was pleased to sign my support for Unite’s Fair Hospitality Campaign today in the Scottish Parliament.

In the wake of the success of the Better than Zero campaign in forcing some of Scotland’s most exploitative employers in the hospitality industry to change their ways, Unite Scotland have launched the Fair Hospitality Campaign – a campaign which seeks to support and give a voice to Scotland’s 256,000 hospitality workers.

The Fair Hospitality campaign seeks to equip precarious workers with the knowledge to access their employment rights, organising skills and collective confidence to challenge some of Scotland’s most exploitative employers transform the hospitality sector for those who work within it.

The centre-piece of the campaign is the Fair Hospitality charter, a list of reforms Unite believe are needed to transform the sector for the benefit of employees and customers. These include the real living wage, an end to discriminatory youth rates and stricter anti-sexual harassment policies for the workplace. It was put together by bar/cafe/restaurant/hotel workers from across Scotland.

You can see a copy of the charter below or for a full size version click here – Fair Hospitality Charter.

Fair Hospitality Charter image



Post Author: Alex Rowley