Action on trees in Rosyth

Tree roots have been doing major damage to houses and pavements
Tree roots have been doing major damage to houses and pavements

Alex Rowley MSP has continued his campaign on behalf of Rosyth residents to have trees that are causing damage to properties removed and this week sought to highlight the size of tree routes in gardens where the trees have been planted close to the houses.

Mr Rowley said; “I have been communicating with Fife Council over many months to highlight the issues in Rosyth where the wrong variety of trees having been planted in the wrong places and the impact this has on residents and their properties. I have been pleased that progress has been made and a number of trees have been removed and number more cut back but I am pushing for more action to be taken and have been communicating with local councillors and a number of council departments.

“It is interesting that the council has been disputing with me the damage that roots can do but I can now show from this garden where the soil has been removed that the tree roots are going against the property and is an explanation of why some of the houses have had big cracks appearing. On top of this the roots are lifting the pavements making them unsafe and costing the tax payer a lot of money to be continually in need of repair to make safe.

“I am hoping the evidence being presented of roots growing into the foundations of houses will be enough to get action from the council”


Photo shows Alex Rowley with Mr Gillan in his front garden in Backmarch Road Rosyth pointing out the tree roots


Post Author: Alex Rowley