Anger over ‘no show’ for school bus


Mr Rowley is pictured at St Joseph’s primary school where he met parents to discuss their concern

Parents and pupils have been left without a service to school in the morning that has been in place for many years and was stopped with no prior warning or consultation.

The bus which went round the schemes of Kelty before dropping primary school pupils at Kelty Primary and then St Josephs, failed to turn up after the school holidays with children left to walk to school in all weathers.

Fife Council Education officials have responded to questions put by local councillor, Alex Rowley, by saying they are aware of the problem and are now talking with transport officials to find out why the bus has stopped.

Mr Rowley says:  “Many parents are angry that this service has just stopped and there has been no explanation. The bus used to go round the schemes within the village and drop at the two schools before going on to do the Kelty to Kirkcaldy service route at 9.05am. I understand that the Kirkcaldy bus now leaves Kelty around 9.20 and the school run has just stopped.”

He continued: “This is a shocking way to treat people and is simply not acceptable. For young kids trailing from the bottom of Kelty or the top side, this bus was a lifeline particularly in bad winter weather and I want to know why it has been withdrawn without any notice or consultation.”

The Lochs councillor has written to the Executive Director of Education and says he will decide his next move once he has been told why the bus was withdrawn and who made the decision to do so. 

Mr Rowley adds:  “The bus company has a statutory duty to formally notify the council and consult where it is going to withdraw a service and this has not happened here.”


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Alex Rowley is Fife Labour Leader and councillor for The Lochs