Anne McTaggart MSP launches consultation for proposals to adopt an opt-out system of organ donation in Scotland.


Foreword from Anne McTaggart MSP:

The existing opt-in system of organ donation in Scotland has been the subject of debate for a number

of years. The United Kingdom has one of the lowest organ donation rates in Europe. In view of the
significant difference between the number of people on the waiting list for transplant operations and
the number of organs available, I believe that reform is essential.

I believe that most people in Scotland support a “soft opt-out system” of organ donation; a YouGov
survey announced by the British Medical Association in 2007 indicated that 74% of respondents in
Scotland supported a system of opt-out1. A survey undertaken in early 2012 by the Scottish
Government demonstrated that only 5% of the population oppose organ donation in principle, and
yet less than 40% of us are registered as organ donors. I believe this serves as powerful evidence to
propose reform of the current organ donation system.

Following initial consultation with representatives from the British Heart Foundation, the British
Medical Association, the Royal College of Physicians, the Scottish Kidney Federation, the South East
Scotland Kidney Patients Association and others, I have decided to take forward a Member’s Bill on
this issue. I truly believe that the strong evidence in favour of reform will secure broad support for my
proposal to adopt an opt-out system of organ donation in Scotland.

Full details of Annes Proposed organ donation soft opt out system:  Anne McTaggart Organ Donation Consultation

Please also respond to Anne’s call for evidence by  compleating  her on-line consultation open untill Thursday 23rd October 2014:

Post Author: Alex Rowley