Bin collection changes for Kelty

new collections start in March


A 4th bin and changes to rubbish collections for Kelty

Kelty residents are to get a new 4th bin and will move onto a new rubbish collection system from mid-March this year. A new green bin for cans and plastics will be distributed to households in February along with information leaflets outlining the changes that will take place. When the changes come in households will use there brown bins for garden and food waste and will also receive a kitchen caddy and liners to collect the food waste in the home. The blue bin will change to become the landfill bin with the grey bin being used for paper and card.


Over 80,000 households in central and north Fife have already made the changes to the four bin system which is aimed at reducing the amount of waste going into landfill with the food and garden waste being converted into energy at the councils £15.5 million anaerobic digestion plant due to open at Lochhead landfill site near Wellwood bringing about an estimated annual saving to the council of £1.1 million.

In addition to the information leaflets being distributed there will be an information evening held in Kelty Community centre on Tuesday 19th February at 7pm for householders to drop in and have any questions answered.

Local councillor Alex Rowley said; “This new system has been introduced across much of Fife and the feedback has been very positive. There will be a lot of information available and being distributed in February and we have been assured that environmental officers will be available to pick up on any issues people have particularly in blocks of flats where it is more problematic to store this number of bins”.

Kelty is part of the roll out taking place in the Dunfermline and West Fife area in March and the rest of the Cowdenbeath area is expected to move to the new system towards the end of the year.



Post Author: Alex Rowley