Call for action Lumphinnans traffic speeding

Car crashed into Garden on Main Street
Car crashed into Garden on Main Street






MSP for the Cowdenbeath constituency Alex Rowley is this week calling for action to be taken to address the ‘constant speeding problem’ on Main Street Lumphinnans. Mr Rowley has written to the Head of Transportation at Fife Council and the Regional Commander at Police Scotland raising with them a recent accident where a car hit a sign post on the school side of the road spun out of control across the road hitting another car and ended up in a garden.

The MSP said; “The levels of speeding on this main route between Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly are unacceptable and people who live on this road are in fear for their safety and the general safety of all who use the road and pavement. I am requesting an update on what monitoring is carried out and a full analysis of the options for slowing traffic down. I am also asking that the police pay particular attention to the speeding whilst a more long-term solution can be discussed”.

Local resident Helen Jones told the Times; “We have had enough and are asking that something be done before someone is killed. The speed at which vehicles come along this road is just not acceptable and we are pleased that Alex has agreed to take out case up and fight for something to be done”.

As well as contacting the Council Mr Rowley has launched a petition with the residents calling for action and he hopes to facilitate a meeting between the council, the police and residents in the coming weeks.

Attached are the photos of an accident that took place recently

Post Author: Alex Rowley