Call for action to repair Kelty roads

The condition of roads in a number of Kelty streets are unacceptable according to local councillor, Alex Rowley, who has written to Fife Council transportation bosses asking for action to be taken before the severe winter weather comes.
Mr Rowley said: “I know that it takes time to get round all the streets that need repaired but it has now taken too long to get some of the worst streets in Kelty fixed and I am calling on transportation to make clear if and when they are going to sort some of our streets which will become impassable this winter if they are not addressed now.
“I have given a list of all the streets I have come across as I walked round the village but I am aware there may be others so I am urging the general public to report all streets where they are in a state and let me know as well. If these roads are not fixed then they will break up even more as the cold frost sets in so it is imperative that we get action now.”

Post Author: alex

Alex Rowley is Fife Labour Leader and councillor for The Lochs