Call for improved bus service between Kelty and Victoria




Rowley calls for better bus service



Kelty councillor Alex Rowley is urging the bus company
stagecoach to alter the route of the Kirkcaldy bus to go round by the Victoria
hospital and he is also asking them to look again at running a bus on a Sunday.

Mr Rowley said; “The hospital is remote for people
from Kelty and if you do not have a car you will find it very difficult to get
to the hospital having to go into the bus station and then get another bus up
to the hospital which makes it an even longer journey. I am asking that the bus
be re-routed to go round by the hospital and that they look again at the time
of the last bus to Kelty in the evening”.

The councillor is also campaigning for a bus service to
Kirkcaldy on a Sunday. He said; “There is no direct bus from the village on a
Sunday and you could spend over 2 hours each way just getting to visit a loved
one or friend, which makes it a very long day. I am asking that the bus company
consider a service to the hospital in the afternoon and evening on a Sunday
after local people told me about the real difficulty of visiting on a Sunday.

“It is sad that people from Kelty can be left without a
visitor in the evening or on a Sunday because there is no suitable public
transport to and from the hospital. It also cannot be that difficult to
re-route the bus service coming in and out of Kirkcaldy round by the hospital.
When people are in hospital it is good for them to have visitors and I would have
thought that NHS Fife would have looked at public transport when making a
decision to take all our services out of Dunfermline and to what amounts to a
housing estate in the middle of Kirkcaldy”.

Mr Rowley has also writing to NHS Fife operations chairman
David Stewart and Fife Council transport bosses urging them to support a
campaign for a better bus service between the Victoria hospital and Kelty.


Post Author: Alex Rowley