Call for review of flood defences

Alex Rowley hears first hand the issues in Hawick
Alex Rowley hears first hand the issues in Hawick

Speaking on a visit to Hawick to meet local residents and businesses affected by the floods as well as local councillors Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Alex Rowley said:

“The level of damage done by these floods is devastating both on a personal level to those affected and on an economic level for the wider communities.

“There needs to be an urgent review by all local authorities of their flood defences but local councils cannot be responsible on their own to finance flood defences, especially with John Swinney planning huge cuts to their budgets.

“The SNP Government has to work in partnership with local councils to undertake these reviews and make resources available where action is required.

“These floods show that the SNP should reverse their plans to cut SEPA’s budget given its vital role in flood protection.”

Mr Rowley praised the work of the emergency services and local authorities and said ‘across Scotland all these public services have been working round the clock to support people in need and I think them for doing so,.

Post Author: Alex Rowley