Call on public to report potholes

Report the potholes

Fife Council Labour leader is urging people to report all road defects in a drive to reduce the amount of damage being done to cars and limit the risks associated with potholes. Alex Rowley has written to Fife road bosses urging that immediate action is taken to address the condition of one of the main road carriageways into the village of Kelty. Mr Rowley told the roads service that Station Road Kelty is due for a major carriageway restructure in the next financial year but that the state of the street is so bad that he is requesting that action be taken now to address the issue.

He said; “There are holes and there is a lot of debris being fired up from cars which is a danger to pedestrians and to other cars and therefore compromises road safety. This is a main route in out of Kelty and has a heavy traffic load using it every day so is in need of action. It is important that the general public reports all roads defects and make sure the problems are logged for action to be taken. Across Fife there are poor road conditions and we all need to speak out and make sure the problems are logged with the council”.

The Lochs councillor added; “I believe that action must be taken to address the worst of the road defect problems as and when they arise but this can only happen if the service is aware of the problems and that is why it is very important that all defects are reported. It is also important that poor roads surfaces and potholes are reported from the point of view of drivers claiming damages from the council. Our roads must be safe, this is a minimal requirement and we can all play our part in making this happen by reporting a fault “.

Photo shows Alex Rowley highlighting the holes and debris being brought up from the road.

Post Author: Alex Rowley