Campaigning for support for Safe Drive – Stay Alive


Alex Rowley shows support for Alloa Advertiser's campaign to #KeepSafeDrive (2)

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Alex Rowley has this week written to the Leaders of Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling Councils asking them to see what financial support can be given to ensure the continuation of the ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ roadshow which, in its tenth year, is struggling to raise the £23,000 annual cost.

The Scottish Labour Deputy Leader said he was well aware of the significant budget pressures local councils are under but added: “If each council was able to give a few thousand pounds’ then the support I think could grow with other funders and this important initiative can continue to take place”.

The MSP has also written to the Justice Minister, Michael Matheson and Health Secretary, Shona Robison bringing to their attention the importance of the initiative as a ‘preventative measure’ and asking them what funding and support can be given from the NHS and Community Safety budgets.

He has also tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament acknowledging the contributions of Police Scotland, the Scottish Ambulance Service, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the NHS and all other volunteers who contributed to the event to make it a success; thanking the members of those families who have lost a loved one for their participation in the event, and noting the contributions from Jennifer Howie and David Galloway who suffered life changing injuries as young people in car accidents as a reminder to warn others.

Mr Rowley said; “Everyone involved with ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ roadshow puts a great deal of time and effort into producing a show that brings home a very powerful message of the importance of driving safe and keeping safe in a car. I have to say I was overcome with the very powerful and moving show and can see why it has been so successful with 5th and 6th year pupils across the Central region which has seen a significant fall in young people being involved in car accidents.

“I think it is important that the continuation of this annual show that thousands of young people from the Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling council areas have seen continues into the future”.

A copy of the motion submitted to the Scottish Parliament is below.


Motion Number: S5M-04079

Lodged By: Alex Rowley
Date Lodged: 16/02/2017

Title: Safe Drive Stay Alive Roadshow

Motion Text:

That the Parliament congratulates the success of the tenth annual Safe Drive Stay Alive roadshow in Stirling; understands that thousands of young people from across central Scotland have attended over the years; welcomes the attempt that it makes to raise awareness regarding careless and inattentive driving among young people; appreciates the time given by Police Scotland, the Scottish Ambulance Service, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the NHS and all of the volunteers who contribute; thanks the members of families who have taken part because they had lost a loved one in a car accident; appreciates the contributions from Jennifer Howie and David Galloway who experienced life-changing injuries as young people; notes with concern that, due to funding concerns, 2017 could be the last year that Central Safe Drive is able to organise the event; acknowledges that support has been made through local authorities, businesses and other grants but that, in the current financial climate, the organisers are finding it difficult to raise the £23,000 needed to stage the show in 2018, and wishes the volunteers every success in their endeavours to keep what it sees as this vital production going.

Post Author: Alex Rowley