Industrial strife – workers’ rights

  I was very proud to attend the launch of a new book  ‘The Battle of Grangemouth – A Worker’s Story’ Written by Mark Lyon about his own experiences as the UK vice-president of Unite and the on-site union convener when the industrial action and shutdown crisis hit three and a half years ago, important […]

Alex Rowley Speech to Scottish Labour Conference

  Alex Rowley speech to Scottish Labour conference 26 February 2017 ***CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY***   Good afternoon and thank you for staying to the end of conference. In terms of conference speeches this is what is known as the dead slot as most people have been talked out, have had enough, and just want to […]

Scotland Must Unite

  In post Brexit Scotland there is a real opportunity to set a new vision and new settlement more akin to home rule within the UK, more like a federal union that is part of a revised UK constitutional settlement whilst retaining the best aspects of a positive relationship with Europe. Yet to date, the […]

Scotland Needs a Comprehensive Anti-Poverty Strategy

***Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Alex Rowley calls for a comprehensive Scottish Anti-Poverty Strategy***   Alex Rowley, Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour, has called for a comprehensive anti-poverty strategy to be undertaken across Scotland. Speaking at a visit to a food bank in Dunfermline, Mr Rowley said: “We must do much more to tackle poverty, inequality […]

In this election there is a clear choice

In this election there is a clear difference between the political parties, more so than there has been in many years. Scotland has seen a massive transfer of powers from London to Edinburgh and voters have real choice of how each party will use those powers to shape Scotland’s future. The Tories think you can […]

Campaigning with Bill Butler in Glasgow

I enjoyed a campaigning day and visit to a new build primary school in Glasgow with the Chair of Education Liz Cameron and Glasgow MSP candidate Bill Butler. Under Labour Glasgow has transformed its school estate and developed it building works into a very successful business building new schools, sports facilities as well as housing […]

Labour up for the campaign in the Borders

I once again had a great catch up with members in the Borders as they launched their campaign for candidate Barrie Cunning to be elected as a local MSP for the area. Although this rural constituency is spread across a large geographical area it does not stop the team from getting out and about in […]