Charity Shops need your help


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 Craige Paterson, Lesley Hay, Michelle Sutter, Paddy Feenie








Fifes new provost Jim Leishman and Fife Council leader Alex Rowley met up with charity shop workers Craig Paterson, Lesley Hay, Michelle Sutter and Paddy Feenie of DEBRA in Dunfermline to promote the national campaign to generate charity shop donations.

Local charities depend on the goodwill of the general public to hand in used goods and clothing that can recycled and sold on with the profits going to the charity.

Alex Rowley said; “Paddy is from Kelty and asked Provost Jim and I to help them promote the shops campaign to get more people to help by  making a donation. The shop is based in Bridge Street Dunfermline and all charity shops will be grateful for your support”.

Charity shops need your help.


Post Author: Alex Rowley