Concerns over flaring at Mossmorran



ExxonMobil Chemical Limited issued the statement below on the 16th September and since then the flare has been visible for communities around central Fife. I have received complaints from people in near communities about the level of noise from the site which is they say very intimidating.

I have contacted SEPA to seek assurances they are monitoring the site for noise and pollution and that the results of their activities will be made public. The Cowdenbeath Area Committee have in the past looked at emissions from this site and have heard from the site itself, NHS Fife and SEPA. I will be discussing this latest shut down with the Area Chair Cllr Mark Hood who has been to the fore in making sure all data collected from this site is made public.

Statement from ExxonMobil Chemical Limited

“On 16th September 2016, the Fife Ethylene Plant, Mossmorran will shutdown for a period of approximately 3 weeks.  During this planned shutdown, ExxonMobil Chemical’s workforce and specialist engineers will carry out routine scheduled maintenance and safety inspections of equipment.  During the period that the plant is shutdown there will be ongoing flaring.

“We apologise if this causes any inconvenience or concern.  The flare is an essential part of the plant’s safety systems and at no time will there be any danger to local communities or employees.  We would like to assure you it is our aim to keep flaring to a minimum.

“As part of the shutdown preparations both the Health and Safety Executive and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency have been notified.

“If you have any questions please call Public Affairs on 01383 846341 during normal office hours (09.00 hrs. to 16.30 hrs.).  For queries outside these hours, please call 01383 737000”.

Post Author: Alex Rowley