Council phone number change

New number change will mean less cost to call the council










From September the main council phone numbers will change from 0845 to 0345 prefixes.  This will make it cheaper for many people to call the council, particularly customers who call from mobiles. The council had been receiving money from such calls and this was in my view wrong.

Only the 0845 numbers are affected, swapping from 08 to 03.  The rest of the number stays the same.  Internal VOIP extensions will therefore stay the same, but in future you’ll call 03451 55 55 55 if phoning from outside the council.

Our published 01592, 01383 and 01334 numbers will stay the same. For some time after 30 September, customers who dial will hear a message asking them to re-dial with 03 in future.

The council are running an advertising campaign in the local media and online to get this general message across and recorded messages will be on the phone lines even after the switchover.

Post Author: Alex Rowley