Councillor calls for action on hedge maintenance

Alex Rowley has highlighted the importance of hedge maintenance
Lochs councilor Alex Rowley is demanding action to address overgrown hedges in Kelty that are stopping people from using well used paths.
Mr Rowley has sent a photo of the overgrown hedge on the busy pathway leading from North Drum Road to Centre Street to council managers in order to highlight the lack of maintenance.
He said: “I know things are tough but we need to maintain our communities and in this case people are struggling to use this really busy pathway. There is also a safety issue and anyone could jump out, indeed it is dangerous and needs addressed.
“The condition of our streets and housing estates is very important in terms of promoting health and well being and good quality of life and I will continue to fight for the resources to invest in our local communities for this is the bread and butter issues that impact on people every day of their lives.”

Post Author: Alex Rowley