Cowdenbeath Area Committee backs new centre

Kelty Centre








The move towards a new sport and leisure centre took another step forward this week when the Cowdenbeath Area Committee agreed that a bid for funding be worked up and submitted to the Fife Community Investment Fund.


As well as funding from this source the committee noted that four buildings would be pulled into the new centre and therefore revenue saving will be achieved from the other buildings. The committee heard that the school is also in desperate need of a sports hall and assembly room and these facilities would be incorporated into the new centre for school use as well as community use.


There is an outstanding section 75 agreement for £500,000 and the social and economic form has £100,000 towards the 4G park.


Alex Rowley said; “The case for this new facilities is overwhelming as the other buildings are not able to offer the kind of modern facilities that a community the size of Kelty needs. The school is bursting at the seems and in desperate need of facilities and the old community centre is past its Selby date, indeed a janitor recently fell through the floor such is the state of the building.


“I look forward to making progress and getting this project started”.

Post Author: Alex Rowley