Cuts Hit the Poorest and Disabled People Worst



Tory austerity is having a devastating impact on those most in need of support. It is failing to support people to get to a point where they can access the labour market. It also targets those who are ill and unable to work.

The cuts are not fair and the latest report from The Centre for Welfare Reform shows that the cuts target the very groups that a decent society would protect:

People in poverty (1 in5 of us) bear 39% of all the cuts

Disabled people (1 in 13 of us) bear 29% of all the cuts

People with severe disabilities (1 in 50 of us) bear 15% of all the cuts

The other part of the austerity cuts impacting on those who need public services is the cuts to council budgets and, in particular, social care as well as local community organisations who support people in the community.

The Campaign for a Fair Society make the point that people in poverty and disabled people did not create the crash and yet they are paying the price.

The Tories in Scotland are in denial both about the cuts and the impact it is having on disabled people.



Post Author: Alex Rowley