Dont run out of food waste bags





Keep using the bin












Fife Council has said that the delivery of food waste bags to Kelty was completed in August however local councillor Alex Rowley has raised concern that the numbers of people advising him they did not receive a deliver is quit high.

Mr Rowley is now advising anyone who was missed from a deliver to make direct contact with the Council. He said; “I have had a number of people tell me they did not received the bags and are running out and on questioning this I have been told that there are some areas of Kelty where it has been identified that properties have been missed. If anyone was due to receive bags and dint they can contact the recycling helpline on 03451 550022 or e mail

He concluded; “It is important that we continue to drive a green agenda that includes recycling all we can so I hope if anyone has run out of bags due to them being missed off the delivery they will get in touch and this can be addressed”.




Post Author: Alex Rowley