Down on the allotment


A plot growing well in Kelty









This spell of warm weather is helping the plants and the weeds grow on the Kelty allotments with many growers taking advantage to get the weeding done. Some are even starting to use their first crop of potatoes which is really great given the price of potatoes in the shops. The lettuce is also ready and I have seen some cutting early cabbage and onions, spring onions and even tomatoes.

Having a plot is a lot of work but at this time of year as you start to get the produce coming through it is also very rewarding. I have noticed over the last few years that people come down and are given a large plot of land and then struggle to dig it, keep the weeds down and are often put off before getting to the planting stages.

Many have said it would be better to have smaller plots to begin with and if required then people can progress onto a larger plot or take on another smaller area.

I am asking the Cowdenbeath area committee to have a look at what progress has been made in implementing the allotments strategy and to take evidence from local committees and plot holders to see what improvements could be made to make allotments more accessible and manageable for more people to have a chance to grow their own.

Post Author: Alex Rowley