Equal Pay Day



Today is Equal Pay Day, it marks the symbolic point where women effectively earn nothing from today to the end of the year because of the gender pay gap. It is shocking that despite the Equal Pay Act, which was enacted 46 years ago, we still see women earning less than men in 2016.

I think that it is an outrage that we are still tackling a gender pay gap, which currently is sitting at nearly 14% for full time workers.

Today I joined with Labour colleagues outside the Scottish Parliament to raise awareness of this important matter. As you can see from the photo, men care about equal pay too!

I hope that one day Equal Pay Day will be a thing of the past, and we will no longer have to continually campaign for fair pay because of a person’s gender. But until we actually solve the gender pay gap, I hope more and more people will raise awareness and demand an end to unfair pay.

Post Author: Alex Rowley