Fife Labour to invest in roads

Alex Rowley views state of roads

Need for action on roads infrastructure


Fife Council leader Alex Rowley has confirmed that the roads maintenance budget will be increased this week as part of a review of the council capital budget and he has also vowed that every penny of the roads infrastructure budget will be spent on addressing what he calls ‘the poor state of, and underinvestment in Fifes roads structure’.

Mr Rowley said; “In this current financial year the council is on track to have spent just under £7 million on roads renewal of which some £2.5 million on repairs. We will be proposing to increase that expenditure to £8.3 million per year for the next three years and will make sure that every penny of the £24.9 million is spent in those three years on addressing the worst of the poor state of our roads across Fife.

Although large sums of capital expenditure was committed to investing in roads infrastructure in previous years, a substantial sum over £4 million ended up being spent on alternative projects. The council leader said that whilst these kinds of projects were ‘worthy of expenditure’, he was determined to see all the resources allocated for structural renewal and maintenance of the roads infrastructure be spent on ‘exactly that, on addressing the worst of the potholes and bad roads’.

Mr Rowley said he also intended to bring about a review of how effective the current policy, spending and prioritisation on roads are. He explained; “We must ensure that we are not throwing bad after worse and wasting important resources by the policies and practices we are currently using. I have heard too many stories of lumps of tar being thrown in holes for a quick fix that does not last and far too many stories about other utilities and private contractors leaving inferior repairs.

Roads bosses have also been asked to step up the action to ensure the worst impacts of the winter frost and rains are addressed. Mr Rowley said; “Every local councillor must know areas where the roads are in dire need of remedial works and I am asking that we up our game to make sure that action is taken sooner rather than later to address the worst impacts of the winter on our streets”.

Photo shows Fife Council Leader inspecting poor roads infrastructure


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