Fife Labour Win Funding For Longannet



After many months of campaigning Fife Labour are delighted that their persistence has paid off and funding has now been secured from the SNP led Scottish Government for the Longannet Task Force.  The £2.7M will now be put to good use to support the community and businesses regeneration in the South West Fife and surrounding areas.

Council Leader, David Ross today welcomed £2.7M announced by the Scottish Government as part of an allocation of capital investment, which also included a further £2M for Clackmannan.  

Cllr Ross said “The allocation of new resources for local economic development projects will create or support 40 – 70 new jobs within Kincardine and South West Fife. It will enable the creation of an enterprise and business hub and the construction of industrial workshops and we look forward to seeing these projects brought forward at the earliest time.”

Deputy Leader, Cllr Lesley Laird said, “This is a positive start in beginning to deliver on the actions set out in the Longannet Action Task Force plan. However, there is more work still to be done, and additional funding will still need to be identified in order to fully deliver on the action plan and the remaining as yet unfunded commitments.”

Local Councillor, Bobby Clelland also welcomed the move, Cllr Clelland said, “I am particularly pleased about the investment supporting the Community Regeneration activities and welcome the on-going work being done by Scottish Power in terms of the site and the Ash Lagoons.  This is an area where I will continue to keep a strong focus in the months ahead.”

Deputy Scottish Labour Leader, Alex Rowley MSP said “Fife Labour have a strong track record of standing up for, and delivering for Fife Communities.  Whether its 2700 new affordable homes, getting more Fifer’s into employment or fighting to get a fair deal for Fifers on rail fares – Fife Labour’s persistence to get money for the Task Force has paid off and we will continue to press the Scottish Government for the balance of the money to fully deliver the Action Plan. 

Post Author: Alex Rowley