Former Rosyth Social Work Office Park Road Rosyth

The former social work offices up for sale
The former social work offices up for sale

I have written to the leader of Fife Council, David Ross raising with him the fact that I have been contacted by a high number of constituents and representatives of local groups in Rosyth who are raising with me their concerns about what the former social work building in Park Road Rosyth which the council has put up for sale may be used for.

I understand that there is currently a planning application for a change of use to a house of multiple occupation for up to 30 individuals to live in and an offer for the building has been made pending a planning application. The possibility of this building being used as some kind of stopover of multiple occupation is causing real concern within the community.

It raises for me a number of question the main one of which is should there not be a discussion with the local community about possible uses of this public building before it is sold? Residents in the immediate and wider area have talked to me about the lack of specific youth facilities for young people and have said there are many groups within the town who often struggle to find facilities.

From what I can gather there has not been any consultation with the local community about this facility. I have therefore asked Cllr Ross if he can have a look at this matter and consider whether it would be appropriate to put the sale of this building on hold until such time as there is wider consultation with the local community. This would be in keeping with the spirit of the Community Empowerment Bill currently making its way through the parliament. I have also contacted the local councillors and sought a meeting with them and the council leader to discuss this matter further.

If you have any views on this please let me know

Post Author: Alex Rowley