Inverkiething High School Pupils visit the Scottish Parliament and meet their local MSP


(Inverkiething students with Alex Rowley on the grand stairs in the Garden Lobby of the Parliament.)


A group of 5th and 6th year pupils from Inverkiething High School visited the Scottish Parliament this week, took a tour round the Parliament building and examined how legislation is processed through the Scottish Parliament and how  laws are passed.

Pupils then had the chance to speak with their local MSP Alex Rowley who answered questions on topics ranging from the independence referendum result to what he did day to day as their MSP.

Alex then showed the pupils around his office where they had the chance to take photo’s sitting in the famous MSP think pod.

Regarding the visit, Alex said: It was great to have the chance to speak to a group of my young constituents and show them around the Scottish Parliament.  It was also fantastic to see how well informed and engaged they were and to see the passion which exist among our local young people for there local area and the issues that matter most to them. I hope in the future to be able to welcome many more groups to the Scottish Parliament and hope they are all as engaged and well in formed as our high school pupils are.



Post Author: Alex Rowley