Is this road the worst in Fife?

Is this the worst road in Fife?
Is this the worst road in Fife?

Cowdenbeath MSP Alex Rowley has this week challenged Fife Council about the state of the road in a street in Cowdenbeath asking ‘is this the poorest road condition of any street in Fife and what are you going to do about it’?

Whilst carrying out street surgeries in Hillcrest Cowdenbeath the Labour politician said he got lots of complaints about the state of the road and he said; “People have had damage to their cars and it is like driving along an assault course. Just because the holes are not deep does not mean it is ok and really the state of this road is unacceptable. You have to wonder who makes the decisions on what roads get treatment and what ones do not given the state of this street”.

Mr Rowley has sent a photo of the street surface to Council bosses asking that something be done to have the poor condition of the road addressed


Photo show Alex Rowley on the poor surface of Hillcrest Cowdenbeath

Post Author: Alex Rowley