Kelty Hearts Become 1st Fife Club to Win the East of Scotland Super League

Kelty are presented with the Super League Trophy to the delight of the fans!
Kelty are presented with the Super League Trophy to the delight of the fans!

I would like to add my congratulations to Kelty Hearts Football Club in their success of wining the Est of Scotland super league.

This is a major achievement for the club and the team of players they have at present who are all a credit to the team and to sport. The youthful manager Tam Courts must think in his first full season in management that he is dreaming but he is not and well done to Tam and his management team, what a season what a job of work!

Most of all I want to give recognition to the men and women who run Kelty Hearts, they work tirelessly and often without any recognition for the club day in and day out all year round. Kelty hearts said on their web site; “We would like to congratulate all the management and playing staff for their effort, desire and commitment they have shown throughout the season for Kelty Hearts”.

“The club would also like to thank our sponsors, supporters & friends for your continued support to the club over some good, indifferent and tough years.

“Not forgetting absent friends, people who gave the club everything over the last 40 years, ex player, captain and manager Big Les Mclellan who sadly passed away this year, Gordon Young, Bobby Johnstone and our supporters from abroad of which there are many, Big Shug, Stevie Leighton, Stuart Mill, Eric Fotheringham, Eric Coull”

I would endorse what they say and well done to everyone at the club.

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Post Author: Alex Rowley