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Kelty Rock Club which previously run for 25 years and gave artists such as Hazel O’Conner, KT Tunstel and Snow Petrol gigs as they were starting out is back and running in Kelty Clubs front lounge and is proving to be once again a popular venue for local and Scottish bands and artists.

Friday nights for the last eight weeks have seen large crowd’s welcome local established bands such as Baby Issac and Big River and new on the
scene young band SO4 and this Friday 6 December the rock club will play host to a young major Scottish rock band ‘State of Emergency’

Kelty Club say they want to establish the rock club again to allow members and visitors to get the opportunity to experience live bands. Kelty Club member Johnny Gibson said; “There is nothing better than experiencing live music and we hope this will be another avenue to give bands and musicians a chance to show off their talent”.

More about State of Emergency (Taken from BEBO)

State of Emergency are a four piece band from Kirkcaldy, Fife. They first started their musical career in 2005 and wrote and performed their first song “Cut out the middle man” at the Kirkcaldy YMCA. After 2 years together the band has grown greatly with talent and success. They have won several Battle of the Band contests around Fife and featured on several local radio stations performing what I can only describe as the new Rock and Roll of our time. They were also in the top four finalists out of thousands in a competition on Forth One radio station to support The Who. The new year brings bigger and better things for the boys including confirmed major events that at this moment cannot be disclosed. With their energetic and electric vibe this is one band that is guaranteed to “Rock your socks off”. The boys are giving it everything they’ve got and hey’re definitely going all the way to the top!

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Post Author: Alex Rowley