Kinross-shire Day Centre Visit Scottish Parliament

Kinross Day Centre Visit 1


Kinross-shire Day Centre spent the day visiting the Scottish Parliament as guests of local MSP Alex Rowley.

The organisation which provides a welcoming, safe and homely atmosphere for elderly members took a day trip to learn about the workings of the Scottish Parliament and their local Mid Scotland and Fife MSP.

The Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Mr Rowley, invited the guests in for a tour and a chat over lunch with tea and coffee.

Over lunch the visitors had a chance to speak with Mr Rowley, and ask him questions about local issues.

Speaking about the centre Mr Rowley said:

“Kinross-shire Day Centre is the very model of service that we need to see more of around the country. The level of provision that this service provides is absolutely first-class.

“I have been in to visit the centre a few times in Kinross, so it was great to return the favour and have the centre over to Parliament for a visit.

“Everyone involved is 100% dedicated and exceptionally hard working. I hope that the success of this organisation can be repeated in other areas and highlighted as the vital community service that it is.

“It was great to have the group in to visit, and chat about issues of concern with them. It was also fantastic to see the impact that the centre has, and the benefits that this much appreciated community service brings to its elderly members.”


Kinross Day Centre Day Centre Visit 2

Post Author: Alex Rowley