Social Isolation & Loneliness

Do not let it be said in years to come that the Scottish Parliament was brilliant at policy and strategy but a complete failure when it came to delivering.

The SNP have become so arrogant in power they do not think anyone has the right to question them.

If we are going to tackle the big challenges around poverty, wage stagnation and inequality then we must be able to question and challenge government at every level.

There is consensus across political parties and civic society that social isolation and loneliness is a real issue in communities across our country. However, at what point does strategy become little more than rhetoric and bits of paper gathering dust on shelves because there are no resources in communities to action the strategy? 

It is not simply a case of having words on a page, no matter how commendable those words are. Unless the strategy is followed up with real and meaningful action, the problems that we face as a society will not go away. 


Post Author: Alex Rowley