MSP supports call for fare freeze


A rail fare rise planned for January should be cancelled and a yearlong freeze on fares introduced. That is the proposal being put to the Scottish Government by Scottish Labour this week and First Minster Nicola Sturgeon has said she will consider the proposal.

Speaking this week to the Times Scottish Labour deputy leader Alex Rowley said that rail passengers in Scotland could save nearly £100 on key commuter routes with a fare freeze next year.

After speaking with passengers at local rail stations the Mid Scotland and Fife MSP said; “Passengers are fed up with expensive, overcrowded and delayed trains. They deserve a break. That is why Scottish Labour believes passengers should have a fare freeze in 2017”.

He continued; “We need to see improvements on the trains, especially at peak times. I believe from speaking with many people and from the experience of the road bridge closure last year that costs is a real barrier for many people using trains particularly to get to and from work. A freeze would help and I am pleased that Nicola Sturgeon has said she will consider this proposal”.

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End Photo shows Alex Rowley discussing freeze at rail station

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