MSP urges people to give feedback on NHS experience


Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Alex Rowley is urging people to give the NHS feedback on the experience they face in using the health service through submitting responses to the dedicated web site “Care Opinion”.

Care Opinion is the UK’s leading independent non-profit feedback platform for health and social care services. The organisation wants people to be able to share their experiences of health and care in ways which are safe, simple, and lead to learning and change.

Speaking about the service Mr Rowley said:

“By sharing your story of how you experienced using a health or social care service, you will help staff to learn from that experience. Your story will be sent to staff, and you might get a response. This alone can help staff change services for the better.”

The NHS want to hear your story whether good or bad. You can tell your story by submitting it here:


Post Author: Alex Rowley