Pipe Band Success


Kelty and Blairadam Pipe Band
Kelty and Blairadam Pipe Band

Kelty and Blairadam Pipe Band is growing in numbers and is now one of the top Novice Juvenile Pipe Band in the country. The young band has been built up in only a few years and is travelling to Belfast in order to compete in the UK Championships.

The Band recently gained a first prize at Markinch Highland Games which is a great boost before such a major competition. The cost of to the band in attending Belfast is between £3,000 and £4,000 but the Tutors, Andrew Keatings, Dusty Miller and Ian Gordon, along with the Committee; think this is money well spent in order to give the band more experience.

Many of the young Pipers were initially taught as part of the Piping project set up in primary schools in the Beath cluster. The project was put in place and funded by the Cowdenbeath Area Committee to give young people the opportunity to try playing the chanter and to support piping in the area which had been on a decline with the end of the coal mines as miners had traditionally contributed from their wages to support local Pipe and Brass Bands.

The work and dedication of Dusty, Andrew and Ian in setting up the band and giving up masses of their time to support its development has been absolutely superb and they should be congratulated and thanked for what they have achieved but also for the commitment and dedication they have shown to support so many young people gain music skills and all the other benefits that comes with playing in a Pipe Band.


Post Author: Alex Rowley