Progress at sewage works in Rosyth

Good progress on the smell!
Good progress on the smell!

Steps are being taken to address the issue of a stench facing drivers as they cross the forth into Fife. This was the message from Scottish Water this week when they met with local MSP Alex Rowley who has been raising the issues of odour coming from the sewage plant that sits alongside the River Forth at Rosyth.

Mr Rowley had been calling for action to address the issue which he said was not good for local residents or for the first thing that ‘hits you’ as you enter the Kingdom and visited the site to hear first hand what actions had been and would be taken.

Speaking after the visit the Cowdenbeath MSP said; “Scottish Water have assured me that they are as keen as anyone to address the issues and so far report that they have introduced further chemical treatment, carried out repairs to pipe work in relation to the sludge holding tanks and installed new covers over the chambers where smells can come from. They have also commissioned work to create better capacity, are carrying out further work to identify potential odour sources and have commissioned other work to be carried out in 2016 that they say will all support the reduction of odours escaping.

Scottish water have also confirmed that work is being undertaken to improve the landscape surrounding the site now that it will be more visible from the road networks in the area including the approach roads to the new bridge. Mr Rowley concluded; “I take this matter very seriously as the impact on constituents is not pleasant and the kind of smells we sometime get are not what is best to meet people traveling into Fife. I am pleased that from my visit and discussions with Scottish Water it is clear they also take the matter very seriously and are taken actions that I hope will have the intended impact”.

Photo shows Alex Rowley with Scottish Water Manager Alan McHale viewing the works at the site

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