Progress on Cowdenbeath derelict building

The former Crown Hotel
The former Crown Hotel

The agent for the former Crown Hotel at the entrance to Cowdebeath High Street has said that his client is now ‘investigating the cost of demolition to assist with the visual impairment to the town’. Responding to correspondence from Alex Rowley MSP the property agent said; “Given your comments this now appears to be their favoured option, costs permitting”.

He told Mr Rowley; “The building is up for sale with the benefit of planning permission for 12 flats. This involves the demolition of the existing fire damaged building and then subsequent rebuilding works.

“There are a number of current interest in the building, mainly for demolition and redevelopment. There is one interest that thinks that the rear section of the building can be re-used and has asked for access to this. There is no guarantee that this rear section can be re-used and the building is not offered for sale on this basis. My client considers that the Health and Safety risk is too great to allow access and wishes to continue marketing for redevelopment of the entire site….. My clients current expectations on sale price allow for the cost of demolition to be carried out by the purchaser”.

Mr Rowley said; “I know that people have said to me they would like to see the building frontage kept as it is very nice but given that the owner has got planning permission to take the building down and build flats then it seems unlikely that this will happen. Given the state of the dilapidated building and its impact on the high street I have been pushing for some kind of action to take place and for a meeting with the owners to discuss the options. They do however seem pretty set on demolition and I certainly think something needs to be done as it cannot be left in this state.

“I have written to Fife Council as I am keen we work together to find a solution as part of the regeneration and I will continue to push for action with the owners of the site but they have said they are not able to meet”.

Post Author: Alex Rowley