Renewal of motorway fence still not completed

"This fence needs renewed" Alex Rowley







Lochs Cllr Alex Rowley has once again been taken up the case and is asking Transport Scotland to complete the renewal of the motorway fence at Kelty. Mr Rowley said; “I have campaigned for a number of years to get the motorway fence between the village and the M90 renewed given that the old fence has been falling down at parts and is simply rotten away. I was delighted when last year Bear started to take down the old fence and replace it with a new one but they stopped as they came into Clentry Crescent and I am not sure why!”

The Labour Cllr says that he has had many approaches from locals in this area as the heavy winter winds have done further damage and many parts have been falling down. The Chief Executive of Transport Scotland Mr David Middleton has responded stating that “BEAR Scotland is aware of the need to carry out repairs to this fence and works are programmed for this month to replace panels between Clentry Crescent and Blair Drive”.

Mr Rowley said; “I welcome the fact that they are going to carry out repairs but really do not understand why they did not just complete the whole fence renewal when they did parts of it. This approach will be costing a lot more money and it is ultimately the tax payer who pays the price. If they do not carry out all the renewal this year then as sure as night follows day we will be back at them by the winter pointing out more that needs done. The fence is rotting at so many bits it just needs replaced”.

Residents in the area are being asked to comment and report the condition of the fence at their garden in order that a status report can be submitted to Transport Scotland making the case for a complete renewal of the fence.

Post Author: Alex Rowley