Report pot holes

Pot holes like this one can cause real damage


When in Fife make sure you report pot holes. If the Council dont know about them they cannot fix them.





Although the weather has not been as bad yet this winter, we are still seeing many of our local roads break up and pot holes appearing. The pot holes can cause much damage to cars and therefore need to be reported to ensure the Council know where they are and that they take the action to at least make them safe in the short term.

You can call the Council on 08451 550011 to report the problem or go online at and then to roads and transport and follow the directions from there. The key thing is that if the Council has no knowledge of the problem then they cannot know to fix it and that is the point that the insurance companies will make to those who are claiming for damage, so make sure if you see pot holes and broken up roads that you report them.



Post Author: Alex Rowley