Rowley Opposes Centralisation of Vital NHS Service that will Hurt Families Across Fife


***Press Release: Rowley Opposes Centralisation of Vital NHS Service that will Hurt Families Across Fife***

Alex Rowley MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife met with local campaigners this week outside the Scottish Parliament as they presented a 6,200 strong petition opposing the centralisation of cleft lip and palate surgery services.

The current plans would see the surgical service provided at Edinburgh Royal Hospital Service for Sick Children stopped and centralised to a Glasgow only service.

The Scottish Government said that no decision has been made yet, but following a consultation earlier this year plans were approved to centralise the service to Glasgow by NHS Chief Executives.

Mr Rowley wrote to the Health Secretary Shona Robinson, on behalf of concerned constituents, asking her to pause the decision to close the Edinburgh unit and take into consideration the large number of families who oppose this move.

Families across Mid Scotland and Fife who require specialist treatment for their children have criticised the plan to close the Edinburgh service, with many praising the Edinburgh unit for its high quality of care and world class service.

Mr Rowley said:

“I have spoken with many families who are deeply worried about this closure. We need to protect vital NHS services, and not make it more difficult for families to get the treatment they need for their children. I met with campaigners from Fife who told me why this service is so vital and I urge the Health Secretary to avoid making a decision that will see this important service suffer.

“The Cleft Lip and Palate Association (CLAPA) has spoken out about the lack of evidence to show that the existing two-site model is not working and an Edinburgh GP has called to save the service. These views along with the 6,200 strong petition should give the Minister enough reasons to re-examine her decision. What is really important is that quality of care for those in need is not lost by this cut to local services.”


Picture attached of Alex Rowley with Fife campaigners

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