Scottish Government Must Get Their Act Together on Renewables


“I am committed to the development of renewable energy in Scotland and recognise the major benefits for the environment and the economy. However, as with all major infrastructure developments there needs to be a process which allows all stakeholders to be involved in a meaningful way.

The Court of Session has ruled in favour of the RSPB in their petition to review the consent by Scottish Ministers for four offshore wind farms.

The Scottish Government has failed to deal with this in an acceptable fashion and I have concerns about the risk to the massive potential for jobs, for the environment and for the future prosperity of our country.

I have written to the Convenor of the Economy Jobs and Fair Work Committee to ask that the Committee conduct an Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding this episode and what needs to be put in place to deliver these large projects whilst retaining due regard for the standards required to protect our environment”.

Post Author: Alex Rowley