Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran MP has condemned the SNP for opposing Labour’s energy price freeze, ahead of a House of Commons vote later today. The SNP have indicated they will vote against Labour’s proposal for an energy price freeze and are advocating taking charges off bills, but passing them back to Scottish taxpayers.

Margaret Curran MP, said:

“The SNP are refusing to back Labour’s energy price freeze because they are working hand in glove with the energy companies. It’s clear now that the SNP stand up for energy companies, not Scottish consumers. The SNP’s plan would simply pass costs from bill payers to taxpayers and doesn’t get to grips with the real problem – that the energy market is broken.

“Labour would introduce an energy price freeze and would reform the market to make sure that savings made by energy companies are permanently passed on to consumers. That isn’t happening right now. Our price freeze would save every Scottish household £120 a year, and would give Scottish families and businesses a total saving of £500 million.

“The SNP have had many opportunities to tackle the energy companies about rising energy prices. But we know that they have never discussed a price freeze with them, the First Minister hasn’t raised the issue of rising bills for over two years and the Scottish Government’s own Energy Minister hasn’t raised any concerns in writing about energy prices.”

Post Author: Alex Rowley