Solutions sought at Bowhill recycling centre

Alex Rowley with Bob Purvis at the Bowhill Plant
Alex Rowley with Bob Purvis at the Bowhill Plant

A meeting to discuss the concerns of local residents about operation issues including levels of dust emissions from Purvis recycling centre took place and I was pleased that the main focus was on finding solutions and a broad acceptance that the recycling centre was bringing about major improvements to what was a former mining dumping area that had been left in an derelict and environmentally unacceptable state.

I was able to report back from recent street surgeries I had carried out in the area that there is concern about dust levels. Representatives from Purvis were able to advise of a number of steps they have taken to reduce the risk of dust including over £100,000 being spent on dust suppressing measures. The area is also being measured by new machinery to gage the levels of dust in the atmosphere.

Fife council will draw up a brief of where thing are at so that all concerned can have a clear view of any issues and what has been done to reduce dust. It was also agreed that there should be regular liaison meetings on a quarterly basis and a communication process put in place so that any issues can be flagged up and addressed in a timely manner.

I will be attending the next meeting of the community council to discuss the progress made at the meeting and I will continue to meet on a regular basis with the Purvis group who is a major employer in the area.

Photo shows Alex Rowley meeting with Bob Purvis at the Bowhill Plant

Post Author: Alex Rowley