St Ninians Trust Fund

St Ninians Open Cast funds the Trust



Local groups and organisations can apply to the St Ninians Trust for funding.








The St Ninians Environmental Fund is a legacy trust set up to distribute monies which come direct from the St Ninians Open cast west of Kelty and is to be used for the communities of Kelty and Kingseat. Whilst the Trust has made large sums available to both communities, the current open cast is coming to the end of its coaling and the Trust is now giving out awards of up to £1000 to local groups and organisations.

The Trust met on the 20th November and awarded the following organisations with a sum of money;

Kingseat Sunday School £1,000

Bloom in Kingseat £812.00

77th Fife (Kelty Church) Scouts Group – Scout Section £1,000

77th Fife (Kelty Church) Scouts – Cub Section £1,000

77th Fife (Kelty Church) Scouts – Beaver Section £500.00

Kelty & Blairadam Concert Band £1,000

St. Joseph’s Primary School £800.00

St Joseph’s Parent Council £980.00

The Trust is due to meet again in February and any local group or organisation in the villages of Kelty or Kingseat can apply.

Post Author: Alex Rowley