Stand up for Scotland, Vote No!

This week I am campaigning as part of my campaign for a no vote in the referendum and highlighting the SNP proposal to cut Corporation Tax for big business given that they claim this is a policy that independence can achieve that would be good for Scotland.

I am highlighting this policy for it demonstrates for me the real threat that competition between countries and indeed regions of the UK offers for workers. Leading economist Joseph Stiglitz said off a cut in corporation tax; “It is just a give to the corporations increasing inequality in our society”. Like all tax hands outs it has to be paid for and in this case whilst big business will rub their hands I fear it will mean less money for the NHS and schools in Scotland as well as higher taxes for working people.

There is also the point that if more business was to locate to Scotland as a result of having to pay less tax then it kick starts a race to the bottom with other regions of the UK dropping their taxation and where does that race to the bottom stop and what is next, the minimum wage, workers terms and conditions. This kind of policy is a recipe for disaster a charter for undermining workers and cutting public services whilst putting the profits into the hands of big business.

There are many unanswered questions in the debate about Scotland’s future and I intend to highlight these in the coming weeks and months as well as setting out a clear vision for the kind of Scotland that I want to see in the future. A Labour vision based on every worker being able to get access to skills, training and a job and a society built on fairness and equality for all.


Post Author: Alex Rowley