Stemming the Plastic Tide


It has been said that by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the fish. Let that sink in a second.

It is shocking to think that we as humans can treat our planet this way.

Following the final episode of the recent documentary series “Blue Planet II”, the spotlight has been placed on the scale of destruction being caused by the excessive use of plastics right across the world. All of us who watched the programme could not help but be shocked by scenes showing the tragic impact that such waste is having on marine life.

Although the problems that are caused by plastic pollution have been known about for some time, the public mood and a desire to change things for the better mean that there is now an energy across all age groups and all sectors of society that will help to drive the change that we need.

We should ensure that the new energy to tackle plastics is not just a reaction but the start of sustainable action.




Post Author: Alex Rowley