Supporting Enable Scotland, #StopTheBus campaign.

Alex meeting with campaigners from ENABLE Scotland.
Alex meeting with campaigners from ENABLE Scotland.

Today I met with campaigners from enable Scotland to support their stop the bus campaign.

The #stopthebus campaign aims to give more people who have learning disabilities to access bus travel by improving access to the concessionary travel scheme.


​Right now too many people with learning disabilities are struggling to get a bus pass. A bus pass can make it easier to get to places like work, college or to meet friends and gives people more control over their lives.  The #stopthebus campaign wants to change that!

Enable Scotland is asking the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland to make it easier for people to get a bus pass by:

  • extending the eligibility criteria so that people on the lower rate mobility component of DLA have access to a bus pass
  • making it clear who can sign the certificate of eligibility for accessing a bus pass through the non benefit-related route

To support the campaign and find out more visit:



Post Author: Alex Rowley