The Burden of the Cost of Feminine Hygiene Products in Mid Scotland and Fife


The cost of feminine hygiene products was highlighted this week in the Scottish Parliament. Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Alex Rowley supported a motion after many constituents raised with him the fact that the cost of feminine hygiene products are causing a major financial burden for people with low pay and low incomes.

Speaking to the motion in the Scottish Parliament MSP Monica Lennon said: “The poverty that austerity creates has a disproportionate impact on women, and period poverty is a secret but real occurrence of shame and embarrassment for women and girls. This distressing gendered inequality must be confronted, and I am optimistic that women and girls throughout Scotland will be able to look to their Scottish Parliament tonight and know that this generation of MSPs will rise to the challenge.” Ms Lennon went on to highlight “it is an uncomfortable truth that not every woman and girl in Scotland can afford to buy essential feminine hygiene products when they need them.”

Commenting on the debate, Mr Rowley said: “Monica raises a serious point with this motion and I recognise the issues it raises, as these issues are being raised with me on a more frequent basis. It is also about time that we finally removed VAT from sanitary products, these are essential items that shouldn’t be taxed. Much more must be done to address the inequality women and girls still face, and I hope that following this debate the Parliament will work to get VAT removed from such products and to recognise the financial burden placed on many women and girls.”



Post Author: Alex Rowley