TTIP debate: 29/04/15



This week, I spoke in the Scottish Parliament debate regarding the European and External Relations Committee report regarding the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) negotiations.

TTIP is an issue which has ignited people’s interest across Scotland and one which has caused great concern. People are particularly concerned about the impact TTIP could have in our public services and this is an issue which I also take extremely seriously.

In my submission, I made clear that as far as I am concerned the onus must now be on proving the advantages of TTIP. Many aspersions and claims have been made but we must now begin to challenge these if there is a substantial risk to our public services and ask if the deal as a whole is worth the risks.

I highlighted evidence from various organisations, including the STUC, who clearly state that they see no evidence that the grand claims made about the advantages of TTIP are grounded in any fact.

I also made clear my belief that if as a country we conclude that TTIP would not be advantageous then we should lead the fight against its inception in our Scottish Parliament and I stated on record my commitment to working with others to appose any deal if it is not in the best interests of Scotland.

Watch my full submission below:



Post Author: Alex Rowley