USSA asks Scotland to Support Campaign against Fuel Price Rises






The University of Strathclyde Students’ Association is asking the people of Scotland to support its ‘Big Power-Off’ campaign of protest against the recent unaffordable rise in fuel bills.

The average price increase across the big six energy suppliers was well above the most recent consumer price inflation of 2.2%. This significant increase to the cost of living has a massive effect on society, but particularly so for those on low and fixed incomes such as students. 

It seems the only ones unlikely to be detrimentally affected by the huge prices increases will those who receive excessive remuneration – such as those in charge of the big six energy companies. 

USSA asked all of the big six energy companies to implement a five year price freeze, so that the costs and worry which the issue has raised do not escalate further still; and students do not have to continue to choose between eating and heating. Essentially, USSA is asking the main energy companies to freeze the prices – not their customers. Unfortunately the response was disappointing.

USSA has therefore decided to launch a campaign of symbolic protest against this sad and worrying situation. It is inviting the people of Scotland to support the campaign by turning their power-off for ten minutes at 8pm on the 12th December as a mark of dissatisfaction. We understand this is unlikely to cause any technical problems, but would like the big six companies to note the widespread unpopularity of their actions. Those taking part should visit our Facebook event page and ‘join’ the event.!/events/234579666711097/

The welfare of students and others on low incomes is an issue that USSA feels strongly about. We therefore feel it is important to stand together to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

Anyone who plans to support the campaign by switching off power should remember that gas and electrical appliances may need re-set.

President of the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association, Kwaku Adjei, said:

“Every day, USSA works hard to protect and improve the welfare of students. The huge, above inflation rise in the cost of something we all depend on, is something that must be challenged.

We hope that ‘The Big Power-Off’ will encourage the big six energy companies to freeze their prices, not their customers.

We know that some people will be able to cope with this price rise, but we hope that they will support our campaign to protect those who aren’t in that position, such as students, by switching off their power for ten minutes at 8pm on the 12th December.”



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Post Author: Alex Rowley