Walk the Walk – Talk the Talk – Exploring Sectarianism in Fife’s Communities


Adult Education in Fife
Adult Education in Fife

Intra Christian Anti-Sectarianism* Project

About WEA Scotland

WEA Scotland aims to contribute to “a better world – equal, democratic and just; through adult education the WEA challenges and inspires individuals, communities and society”

As an adult education provider, we use a social purpose approach to enable our learners to:

 Develop social awareness

 Broaden horizons and develop interests

 Promote a broader understanding of the world

 Identify a range of points of view and to develop confidence in identifying their own views and expressing them confidently

 Enable critical, questioning adults who are confident to challenge the status quo and those who yield power

 Develop the confidence to get involved actively in the community

 Develop the confidence to act as well as to think

About this Project

This pilot project aims to:

engage with adult learners with priority given to two distinct target groups – young people and ex-offenders

explore their understanding of, and attitudes in relation to intra-Christian sectarianism

 provide increased opportunities for participants to understand what intra-Christian sectarianism is

 provide safe space for participants to express their feelings, opinions and experiences of sectarianism from a personal and community perspective, leading to an increase awareness and understanding of sectarianism, and its effects on personal lives and communities but most importantly, develop heightened levels of tolerance towards others increase confidence to challenge sectarianism attitudes and beliefs in a positive and constructive way for all parties.

Being part of this pilot project will also enable participants to improve their confidence and self-esteem, as well as supporting them to tell their stories. The learning experience includes:

5 week innovative education and development programmes, for 3.5 hours once per week (please note this project starts w/b 22nd February) – 2 groups one in West Fife and one in Kirkcaldy/Levenmouth area (venues tbc)

 Input from invited guest speakers to support the positive message

 Participants will be supported to develop and communicate stories and strengthen their voice through creative writing, creative arts, digital media

By the end of the course we aim to have a range of stories, art work and digital media production of learner’s work, pulling together the work of the two groups.

If you have any clients or service users that you feel might be interested, or would benefit from, involvement in this pilot project, please get in touch to discuss a referral to the project. Places are open to any adult learner aged 16+ who lives within Fife. Travel expenses will be available to enable individuals to participate regardless of the location.

This project has been made possible thanks to a grant from the Scottish Government’s Tackling Sectarianism Small Grant Programme, managed by the Voluntary Action Fund.

*This is the working definition of Intra-Christian sectarianism taken from the report published by the Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism in Scotland, The Scottish Government, Edinburgh 2013 : “Sectarianism is Scotland is a complex of perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, actions and structures, at personal and communal levels which originate in religious difference and can involve a negative mixing of religion with politics, sporting allegiance and national identifications. It arises from a distorted expression of identity and belonging. It is expressed in destructive patterns of relating, which segregate, exclude, discriminate against or are violent towards, a specific religious other with significant personal and social consequences

For further information about this project please contact: Caron Hughes, Education Development Manager on 01383 510774 or e-mail


Post Author: Alex Rowley