Wee chief makes gateway to Kelty history

Fred Clarke and Janet Young with May, John, Jessie and Jim Campbell

A new feature was unveiled in Kelty  to remember that for decades a railway line run up through the village connecting the main rail line off the Great North Road and Kelty Railway Station to the Blairenbathie colliery in Blairadam Forrest. Whitegates in Kelty got its name from the gates that used to close off the Main Street when the trains went past and it is in this area that the new train was situated along with an interpretation board giving an insight into the local history of this part of Kelty.

The train was named the ‘Wee Chief’ after local retired miners’ leader Archie Campbell. Many years ago a number of native Canadians came to the village and created totem poles with the locals. The tribesmen adopted Archie as their Chief and called him the ‘Wee Chief’! So hence, the Kelty Community Council in recognition for all the work Archie has carried out in the village, named the train after him.

Unfortunately, Archie is in Queen Margaret Hospital as he has been ill, but his wife May along with sons John and Jim, and daughter Jessie came along to unveil the ‘Wee Chief’. The family are in the photo along with Community Council Chair Fred Clarke and greening convenor Janet Young. The train was built in Rosyth Dockyard.

Post Author: alex

Alex Rowley is Fife Labour Leader and councillor for The Lochs